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How to provide Complete Nourishment for Weaning Babies

How to provide Complete Nourishment for Weaning Babies

Believe it or not, there are stages included in even a baby’s growth and development.in a baby’s life. Even before it walks and talks, meeting a baby’s nourishment need even using the baby formula packaged foods is a challenge for responsible parents.

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The Weaning Stage

Doctors and other child experts have declared that the weaning stage for a baby starts from around 6 months of age. It’s a delicate stage for a newborn and makes its own demands on a parent’s lifestyle. It’s as simple or as complicated as you can make it.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong. They say the best meals can be made from just one or two ingredients. For a weaning baby, the easiest solution is to use semi solid food that is easily digested.

What is all the Fuss About?

The fuss around the baby food industry is somewhat warranted. There are so many participants in this industry that it often boggles the mind. With so many choices, the focus shifts to what is the composition and the nutritional value of the formula that you are feeding your weaning baby.

Basic Ingredients

At the weaning stage, your baby at best requires only a small amount of solid or semi-solid food. This can be administered once or twice a day, depending on your baby’s appetite.

A Multitude of Choices

As a parent of a weaning baby, you can begin with simple vegetables and fruits that have been properly blended and mashed to suit baby’s stomach.

Veggies that can be included at this stage include parsnip, broccoli, yam, potato, carrot and sweet potato. Popular fruits are apple and pear. The inherent softness of these natural foods make them a popular choice for weaning babies all over the world.

Widening the Range

Though this is done more properly at the toddler stage, some parents would even like to get baby used to stuff like broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.

To some this would seem far-fetched and too early to administer. But others may be It’s all a matter of choice and variety and parents usually make their own individual or joint choices here.

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Tried and Tested

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